Midlands Renaissance Revel & Pirate Fest
May 22-23 & August 28-29, 2021
Ditmars Orchard – Council Bluffs, Iowa

Last Updated:5/22/2021

Village Marketplace

Axed In Time & Son of Blades – Axe throwing, knife throwing, archery.

Black Scale Leather – handcrafted leather goods & furs.

Candy’s Creations 4U  – steampunk, fantasy, Renaissance jewelry & adornments.

Daydream Dragons – Handmade polymer clay dragons, watercolor art, plaques

Dragons Horde

Enchanted Gifts – swords, tapestries, flags, books, drinking vessels & much more.

Enchanted Surprises – Dragon eggs, mugs, wine glasses, tins, potion bottles.

Iowa Henna – Henna tattoos & body painting.

J&L Trading Company – Leather hats, bracers, vests, accessories, bone & fur accessories.

Javy’s Originals – Knives, puppets, jewelry, clothing, corsets

King’s Carvings– Woodwork furniture, toys, shields, art.

Knight Fantasies – woodcrafts, fantasy art, dragon eggs, stuffed dragons, incense, etc.

Le Chat Noir – Airbrushed temporary tattoos, candles, hats, jewelry.

Little Spaniel’s Crafts – Crocheted items, soaps, oils, incense, woodworking items.

Luna Creations – Leather masks, bags, belts, hair accessories

Lynda’s Easel -Fantasy/magical/floral/macabre paintings, drawings, prints,  handmade jewelry.

Mad Scotsmen’s Golf Challenge

Queens Bibs and Bobs – costumes, accessories, wood-burning items,  chainmaille jewelry 

Raynwaterr– Gothic, dark arts artwork, drawings, prints, paintings.

S & R Pony Rides

Saadja Designs – Innovative and Imaginative Dance Attire

Skjordal Powder Coating & Engraving – Metal art: fire pits, shields, dragons, & more.

Under the Rainbow – Handmade jewelry fit for royalty, but priced for peasants.

Wandering Hearts – Massage therapy, handmade jewelry & craft items.

Wolfram’s Wonderous Wares – feastware, flower crowns, goblets, treasures & trinkets.

Wolf Den Emporium – Handmade leather goods, clothing, Kid’s swords, costume accessories. 

Ye Olde Funny Portraits – Hand drawn caricatures.

Royal Food Court

Amos Fabulous Foods – All your favorite Festival foods; turkey legs, Kinky Spuds, nachos, brats, burgers & more.

The Royal Snack Shack – Pretzel bites, mini corndogs, taquitos, nachos, popcorn, pickles, drinks.

Summer Event

Aunt Rita’s – Fresh cooked Kettle corn (original & flavored) & pork rinds.

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